Use Listingbook to track area sales and Search for Homes!

     You can set up a special Listingbook account for yourself...I provide this service to give you access to the same database that I use in the Real Estate business and you can access it 24/7, from any computer.

     Your account is free and loaded with powerful and helpful tools you will not find in any other service. It is extremely easy to use. You will get an email from Listingbook Messenger to activate your user code and password. Please make sure to WRITE THEM DOWN!

     To make sure the Listingbook email isn't sent to SPAM folder by mistake, please add to your address book or contacts.

     With Listing book you can easily:

          Search for homes by price, location and needs and save them for now or in the future.

          Stay informed about new listings and price changes in your neighborhood. Even if you aren't in the market to sell now, you can keep up to date on what your market is doing.

     Call or email me if you have any problems. Otherwise, log in and play with it for awhile. My past clients have raved about its power and I am very proud to be able to offer it to you. 

     Yes...there is a catch...I hope you think of me when you are ready to buy or sell your home. I look forward to working closely with you and hearing from you soon.


Debbie Cannon, ABR


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